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Make your indoors “Virus-Free” with Magneto Central Air Cleaner for Split & Cassette ACs

Protecting you and your loved ones from deadly viruses and PM 2.5. Magneto Central Air Cleaner is an accessory for old or new ACs which turns them into air purifiers and inactivates coronavirus with over 99% efficiency!

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India’s 1st Patented Technology Powered By Nature.

Air Sanitization Solutions for Split & Cassette ACs

Magneto® offers a range of UVGI air sanitization solutions that eliminate coronavirus, bacteria and all other micro-organisms from the indoor air by disrupting its DNA. Our patented central air cleaning technology meets the CDC advisory to battle the current pandemic. Magneto Central Air Cleaner is now available co-powered by UVGI – the ultimate protection against airborne transmission of coronavirus.

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Make sure your loved ones are safe from deadly viruses & pollutants.

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Tighten up your Air Defence with Magneto Central Air Cleaner.

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Give kids the Safety & Health they need with Only Sanitized Air.

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Safety Net for your guests & restaurant.

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Bring Safety & Health to your Guests and Employees.

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Compliment your client’s well-being with Only Sanitized Air.

Breathe cool and clean air from your AC in minutes!

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